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Anne Bjørn’s practice follows more than one track.

The starting point is textile. She works with woven textiles with a light, transparent and frail expression. She includes in her works patterns which are transformed into elusive, light and changeable statements. She examines the possibilities of the thread in its pure form – draws with thread. Combines the thin woven paper threads with laser cut patterns of paper or processed fabric.


Anne Bjørn has created traditionally woven tapestries, but has always pushed the boundaries for what is possible within this specific field  –  in terms of both technique and material. The densely woven tapestries have evolved into an open expression where the individual thread is visible and where the many layers and the shadow are used deliberately as a means of expression. These works may be experienced as mental spaces.

The combination of weaves and laser cut patterns expands the concept of weaving and brings it into another media and another material.


Anne Bjørn also works in mixed media, often from photos which she edits and draws, paints and prints on. Pictures and drawings of textiles may form part of her works in line with patterns and symbols. Her themes are also transferred into site-specific land art projects.

Anne Bjørn is preoccupied with the simple expression as a poetic force – with creating spaces and moods.